The Art

Bricklaying The Art -
3rd Edition November,

Bricklaying Book -
2nd Edition September,

Bricklaying Book -
1st Edition August,
Rarely do professional tradespeople and craftspeople make available their knowledge. Usually such inspiration and technical abilities are passed down from generation to generation. In ‘Bricklaying the Art’, craftsman Peter Cartwright sets down the trade secrets and the approach to his craft that has made him one of the most sought after ‘brickies’. There are few publications that provide the insight and advice available in ‘Bricklaying the Art".

Starting a new career? Looking to improve your current skills? Looking for ideas and technical advice? Maybe you are just planning a small job at home and need ideas. This is the book for you. From the novice to the tradesperson and teacher, ‘Bricklaying the Art’ has it all in easy to follow detail with clear illustrations. The preferred text of trade colleges. "Bricklaying the Art" brings together the information you need in one concise publication.

© 2001 Peter Cartwright